Jessica Fan

Receiving coaching from Lisa has been immensely helpful to my professional career. I have grown both emotionally and spiritually over the past year working with her. She has helped me become more self-aware and skilled in successfully navigating different work contexts and team dynamics. Lisa’s deep understanding of different identities (personality, cultural, conflict style, etc) meant that she was able to understand my unique experiences and challenges and help me develop pragmatic strategies to be successful in my role. I highly recommend Lisa’s coaching.


–Jessica Fan, Systems change Consultant, REOS Partners


Director, Engineering Consulting Firm

Mike helped me to change from having the mindset of an individual technical consultant to that of an impactful leader.  Our sessions were invaluable to my development.  He gave me all the tools to become a successful leader.

–Director, Engineering Consulting Firm


Angela Brown was instrumental in piloting our organization through a sea of massive change which involved staff at all levels.  Lisa and Mike helped us understand the impact of change, and the emotional and physical feelings that accompany change. helped our group view organizational change as positive, instead of a personal affront against individuals.  Although the change was still hard, the training and support we received helped to ease much of the stress.

– Angela Brown, Director of Auxiliary Resources, Michigan State University


Brianne K. Rowell

Mike was instrumental in resolving a most challenging personnel issue. Thanks to his expertise, our employee has overcome a difficult situation and continues to make improvements. A significant difference; a fabulous investment!

– Brianne K. Rowell, Administrator, Lake County Engineer


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Mark Warren, MD, MPH

“Working with Mike was key to multiple changes we made in our organization.  We were able to improve communication, clarify roles and learn how to prioritize our goals.  On a personal level, I developed multiple skills to maximize my ability to support the staff and help them find their own talents for improving the organization and job satisfaction.  Ultimately, with Mike’s guidance, we became a much better and more effective management team.”

Mark Warren, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, The Emily Program

Steve Slane, Ph.D.


Photo: Steve Slane, Phd.With 35 years of academic experience as a professor, department chair, and college administrator, Steve has an insider’s understanding of academic organizations, their constituents, and the special problems they face.  He is a former Editor of the Journal of Psychological Practice, and charter member of the American Psychological Society.  After completing his Ph.D. in Social Psychology and Statistics at the University of Nebraska in 1975, he joined the psychology faculty at Cleveland State University in 1975 and retired as Professor Emeritus in 2010.  During his career, his expertise in research methodology gave him the opportunity to participate in research and scholarly teams in a wide variety of disciplines (psychology, genetics, linguistics, literature, diversity, gerontology), and to publish in a broad array of journals such as the Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Black Psychology, Style, Journal of Vocational Behavior, International Journal of Cancer Research. 

Steve has worked on projects that included focus group and survey work for a variety of private sector and non-profit companies and organizations, including Smuckers, TRW, Illuminating Company, Cleveland Clinic, and COSE.  Involvement in training master’s students in Diversity Management led Steve to expand his consulting interests to diversity training in 2000.  His projects have included work for Alcoa Aluminum, Gund Arena Corporation, and Case Western Reserve University.

This rich and varied portfolio of successful academic and consulting experiences has resulted in and from a depth of knowledge in psychology and research methodology, the ability to adapt methodology to a variety of situations, and the ability to work in a team and with diverse constituencies.  Steve’s Native American heritage has given him a deep and abiding interest human rights and diversity. He continues to be active in teaching, supervising students, and is currently Principal Investigator on a large Department of Education Title III grant promoting collaborative recruitment and retention efforts between Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College.

Linda A. Koenig, M.A.

Photo: Linda A. Koenig, M.A.  Linda provides consulting services to organizations in human resources, organizational systems and development, mediation, leadership and performance coaching, dysfunctional workplace behaviors, and anti-harassment and civility.  She excels at helping leaders discover strategies to more effectively manage dilemmas and supports them to create solutions to their organizational problems.

Linda is an executive coach, as well as an organizational effectiveness and human resources consultant. She provides executive coaching in leadership, motivation, critical-thinking and survival skills in turbulent work environments. She specializes in helping executives overcome obstacles that keep them from achieving their highest potential. Linda is a certified mediator and is trained to resolve disputes between employees and groups.

Linda earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Ohio University, and attended Kent State University for postgraduate work. She has studied extensively with the National Training Laboratories Institute, the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and the Gestalt International Study Center. She holds a Professional Coaching Certificate (PCC) from the International Federation of Coaches (ICF), and a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach (G.P.C.C.) certificate. Earlier in her career, Linda worked as the lead executive in human resources management in an organization of over 1000 employees represented by seven unions.

Linda is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Cleveland State University, and she teaches in both the graduate Diversity Management Program and the graduate Education Department. Her classes include: Conflict Management Across Differences, Facilitation of Diversity Issues, and Diversity Issues in Human Resources. She is also a faculty member at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and is a certified trainer of Investment in Excellence and the Emotional Intelligence Inventory.

Chris Louria assessed our developmental needs, created a talent strategy and implemented an effective training program on core leadership competencies that improved performance of our District Sales Managers. This reduced costly turnover, increased market share and grew our talent pool of competent team leaders ready for career advancement.

– Chris Louria, President, Sysco Pittsburg, LLC

Martin Johannessen

I really think our meetings are very helpful. It is great to get away from the daily business madness and take a step back and reflect on what is really happening. I think it helps keep me on a straighter course when we talk about everything that competes for my attention. Thanks!

– Martin Johannessen, Architect and President, Harmoni Designs