Performance Management: everyone on the same page

Photo: Kilawea SteamingThe essence of leadership is a well defined, consistently articulated vision. Your organization’s success depends upon this. Goals, values and systems in alignment, that support one another. Put another way, every position in an organization, from top to bottom, needs to be aligned to the goals and values of the organization, to achieve maximum success.

Performance Management is a critical component of big picture thinking and organizational alignment, yet we often find many clients lacking adequate focus on this key, fundamental best practice for organizational effectiveness. We are expert at strengthening communication and feedback, which is the foundation of a strong performance management system.

Do you need to reduce costly turnover? Is your market share lagging? Has the big picture become fuzzy? Are you struggling with counterproductive employee behavior? Are employee evaluations so unpleasant you try to avoid having the discussions? Talk to us. We can help you create solutions and strategies for performance management that greatly enhance the culture and environment of any workplace, reduce stress levels, and position your organization for growth and success.

What differentiates the prescription for performance management from other methodologies is three-fold. First and foremost, we respect that every client situation is unique and requires a customized solution. No canned product. Second, we help our clients create solutions that empower and energize their people to drive the process, and take responsibility for their own accountabilities. Third, we work with our clients to practice and implement the changes and improvements we are making, together.

Whether you are looking to maximize the effectiveness of your existing performance management system, or create a new one that better aligns the goals and vision of your organization, and positively energizes your team, call us to begin making the changes you seek, today. Your organization is counting on you!

Do you have a talented leader who has hit a wall? Or has crashed in their last assignment?  Triage Performance Coaching® can restore an individual to high performance levels. We can also intervene around ongoing performance issues with challenging or disruptive employees.