Triage Performance Coaching®

What do you do with one of your best leaders or managers who is struggling or failing in his or her latest assignment? Terminating or re-assigning this person is expensive. Instead, invest in directed performance coaching designed to analyze the “failure,” and leverage the resulting learning to restore the individual to a high performance level.

Triage Performance Coaching® is an intensive and focused coaching process designed to restore self-confidence while supporting clients in an unflinching examination of the circumstances that led them to seek assistance.

Robert was in crisis when he came to us. His last assignment was a train wreck! His self-confidence was shattered and his future with the company in jeopardy. Using Triage Performance Coaching®, we worked with him for six months. We took stock of this job assignment, and figured out what had gone wrong. Using 360° interviews with current and past co-workers, we created a candid picture of his strengths and weaknesses. Robert discovered that he had overplayed his strengths and applied them to every situation, whether they worked or not. He needed to extend his toolbox and expand his leadership skills. Through the process of structured coaching and intensive practice, he learned to listen, collaborate, and lead; in six short months his confidence returned. Within a year after our work together, he was promoted and back on the fast track.

A relationship with a trusted coach provides a safe, confidential and supportive environment. You too can address all these challenges successfully. Coaching takes you beyond mere training. It engages your heart, soul, and gut as well as your head. You learn new skills and behaviors. You address fears that hinder your success. Further, with the support of a coach, you can safely reflect on your leadership dilemmas, gain insights and develop effective action skills and lead with confidence.