Features, Advantages & Benefits

Features of the creativechange.biz approach to coaching:

  • You develop improved awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, including when strengths work against you (become your weaknesses).
  • You learn to navigate the demands of leadership.
  • You learn to recognize and manage dilemmas inherent in complex organizations.
  • You gain new confidence.
  • You learn simple insights and techniques that can be generalized to multiple situations.
  • You find answers to work challenges.

Advantages of the creativechange.biz approach to coaching:

  • We apply an integrated approach that includes attention to your work and home environments, and life experiences.
  • We use a highly flexible approach that adjusts to your needs in a moment’s notice.
  • We bring expertise in theories of human development such as emotional intelligence, and other adult developmental models.
  • We bring expertise in organizational psychology including group dynamics, and the interplay of different levels of human systems.
  • We apply our expertise in the diversity of psychology, culture and race and its impact on you.

Benefits of having a creativechange.biz coach:

  • Enhanced self-confidence.
  • Transition from small pond to big picture thinking.
  • Clear vision, mission, and goals.
  • Resilient mental and emotional capabilities.
  • Capacity to manage dynamic and complex challenges.
  • Skills to build sound working relationships.
  • Ability to lead groups effectively.
  • Success in whatever you set out to do.