Executive Coaching: elevate your performance

Today’s leaders face more challenges and manage more complexity than ever before. What is so different today is the volume and speed of both, which compound complexity and challenge our personal leadership skills and organizational effectiveness in ways most of us would not have imagined a generation ago. The volume of items competing for our attention is staggering. And the speed at which all this information now reaches our awareness, is truly breathtaking.

Today’s leaders also understand that they are doing business in a global environment which requires higher order functioning— the capacity for complex analysis and synthesis and the capacity to function in novel situations. Today’s successful eaders are agile learners, tolerant of and flexible to the dynamic needs of multiple different situations.

How do you stay on top of your game in this fast paced, global marketplace and technology driven environment? We surely can’t tweet our way to goal attainment and success! We can strategically choose our focus, though.

Photo: Mike Gaynier

Mike Gaynier

We help our clients assess where they are and clearly define the outcomes they seek. We bring clarity by helping clients choose where to focus in their lives and careers to achieve desired outcomes. We enable success by moving with clients beyond identifying what needs to be done, to actually working on and practicing how to get things done.

A relationship with a trusted coach provides a safe, confidential and supportive environment. It takes you beyond training, and engages your heart, soul and gut, as well as your head. You learn new skills and behaviors, and address fears that hinder your success. With the support of a coach, you can safely reflect on your leadership dilemmas, gain insights, develop effective action skills and lead with confidence.

Key areas of expertise are strategic thinking, building influence skills, strengthening communication, relationship building, self management and personal development strategies. We help our clients differentiate between tactical activity and strategic activity, and to use each effectively.

Do you have a talented leader who has hit a wall? Or has crashed in their last assignment?  Triage Performance Coaching® can restore an individual to high performance levels. We can also intervene around ongoing performance issues with challenging or disruptive employees.