Change Management: successful and sustainable change

Photo: Hawaii waves, rocksDo change initiatives get sidetracked or fail in your business or organization? Do you avoid making important changes in operations, processes or service because of the resistance you’ve gotten in the past? Many leaders struggle to effectively implement changes that improve performance, so you are not alone.  Whether a change is modest or wholesale, it can be difficult for you, your employees, and customers.

We offer a systemic framework for understanding your business or organization challenges, and as experienced coaches, we can provide you the support you need to successfully initiate and sustain change efforts.  We apply a whole system method that greatly improves the success of your change initiative. We use a model that employs the proverbial three-legged stool:


People: Formal structures, informal relationships, organizational climate and culture.

Process: Manufacturing and business activities such as Lean Thinking and Six Sigma.

Technology: Computers, software, robots, etc.

While it isn’t always apparent, implementing new processes and technology always forces a culture change, usually including changes in structures and organizational power relationships. Leaders are often naive about the impact of the process and technology “improvements” they try to make in their organizations. For example: a utility company implemented a new computerized order fulfillment system. Employees resisted the change because the new system completely upended the formal and informal power hierarchy among order fulfillment technicians, many of whom viewed the new system as management’s intent to weed out higher paid employees. Senior management was astonished by and unprepared for the revolt.

Our expertise is in people systems. We help leaders create an environment for positive change.

We help you successfully implement your change initiative by anticipating the implications of a new process or technology change on your workforce and customers. We help you identify hidden obstacles and pitfalls that could increase costs and hinder important changes you need to make. We ask tough questions and help you formulate an implementation plan driven by, rather than opposed by your workforce.

We teach leaders new ways of assessing and leading their organizations that will sustain the changes they are implementing and achieve the outcomes sought.