Captain, Law Enforcement Agency

…is doing quite well and I have observed a significant difference in his behavior since he has worked with you. He is quite fond of the time he spent with you and will usually laugh and state, “I wonder what Mike would have me do,” when difficult issues arise. I appreciate your assistance in guiding us to help him maintain and forge ahead with his successful career.

– Captain, Law Enforcement Agency

Steve Binkowski

When I was Purchasing Manager in Product Development at Ford Motor Company, Lisa coached our management group, representing ten functional areas, to become a high performing product development team.

– Steve Binkowski, VP of Purchasing and Sales, Toyota Boshoku America


Angela Brown

creativechange.biz was instrumental in piloting our organization through a sea of massive change which involved staff at all levels. Lisa and Mike helped us understand the impact of change, and the emotional and physical feelings that accompany change. creativechange.biz helped our group view organizational change as positive, instead of a personal affront against individuals. Although the change was still hard, the training and support we received helped to ease much of the stress.

– Angela Brown, Director of Auxiliary Resources, Michigan State University